Jeff Holder Builders does not part ways with clients at the conclusion of new construction projects.  We stand behind our work and remain committed to our homes beyond the initial construction.

With a dedicated Maintenance & Repairs Division, JHB offers extended services to match the needs of individual owners.

In many cases, JHB remains the point of contact for all work related to the maintenance and repairs for our homes.  Services range from as-needed routine maintenance for full time residents to comprehensive services for customers who can’t manage the services from afar.

Weekly walk-thru inspections are offered and tailored to respective homes to keep additional eyes on your home and potential maintenance needs.

“JHB has helped to make owning a second home easy and stress free.  Instead of dealing with maintenance issues every weekend I visit the home, they take care of everything for me so, when I’m at the house, I can actually enjoy it.  They are professional, proactive, and timely in everything they do.”   -JHB client